Sample project unhandled exception

I’m trying to open up a cinder sample project with visual studio 2019.
I’ve already built cinder.sln and added cinder.lib to additional libraries.

Compilations seems to go fine, the only problem is that I get an exception:

Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFFB8414ED9 in ClothSimulation.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: cinder::app::ExcRendererAllocation at memory location 0x000000000014EB30.

it is at line 224 of RendererGL.cpp
if( ! mImpl->initialize( windowImpl, sharedRenderer ) )
throw ExcRendererAllocation( “RendererImplGlMsw initialization failed.” );

Anyone that could help out?


What platform are you building on? I remember seeing something like this when building on a virtual machine that didnt support a high enough opengl version for Cinder.

Also i’ve only built cinder projects using cmake or the tinderbox project creator. It sound’s like you might be doing something different. Are you able to run the examples using one of the prebuilt cinder binary packages on github? That might tell you if there is something wrong with the project configuration or the target machine.