Build Cinder on VS 17

Hello everyone I am New to Cinder.
I am using vs17 and cinder lib 15.
For sample example building is successful. but when I going for debug i am getting an unhandle exception at 0x755240B2

Hi, and welcome to Cinder!

Make sure to build both the Debug and Release targets of Cinder using Visual Studio 2017. One way to do this is to open cinder/proj/vc2015/cinder.sln (and optionally choose to upgrade it to vs2017), then select Debug target and build it. Also build the Release target.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, could you please post the full error message?


Hello Sir, Thank You for your reply
I build sln in both mode but still getting following error.

Exception thrown at 0x755240B2 in basicapp.exe Microsoft c++ Exception:cinder::app::ExcRendererAllocation at memory location 0x0019E994