Serial port not recognised (Windows)


I’m using the SiliconLabs CP210 drivers to connect to a Naze32(drone flight controller) over usb, Cinder doesn’t seem to recognise the COM port on Windows, Serial::getDevices() is empty.
I assume the drivers work just like the ftdi creating a virtual com port, so in Cinder there should be no difference, am I wrong?
I also tried to list the ports in python and open the serial, everything works fine.

CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers

I believe there’s a problem currently with the internal serial code.

Like Ryan said, there is currently a problem with discovery on Windows. It’s pretty easy to get working though. You also get the extra features of being able to filter not only by the port name but by the device description as well.

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thanks for the tips, I’ll have a look over the weekend