What are the correct project settings VS2017 for cinder?

Yesterday I was able to (finally) build the cinder.lib
What are to correct way to get cinder project get to compile in VS2017.

Starting from empty project.

  • add main.cpp
  • include the “C:\cinder_master\include”
  • include the “C:\cinder_master\lib\msw\x64\Debug_ANGLE\v141”
  • library input is “cinder.lib”
  • compiler runtime library "/MTd " for debug build.

after done all that I get error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol for my test Hello World code.
The documentation for cinder is not good and all over the place with broken links and outdated tutorials.
Are there any other settings missed? like preprocessor etc.

Use the TinderBox project generator from Cinder/Tools . It allows you to add multiple platform targets and reference cinder blocks etc too.

Hope this helps.