Ways to move metaballs based on sound

this is a generic / inspiration question.

I’m planning to study how to move things based on audio analysis. Let say I have less than 10 particles moving around and drive a metaballs kind of thing.

How to do interesting movements that are not naive/trivial/banal like moving particles on a Lissajous varying velocity based on audio intensity?

I did an experiment once that had a simple attraction / repulsion system and the audio controlled the mass and attraction / repulsion coefficients of each body, so they were more attracted to each other the more the sound peaked.

I find physics based solutions to be better than parametric ones when the number of bodies is reasonable because of the natural behaviours that emerge, but obviously all determinism goes out the window, so it depends on your goals.

I personally like the audio-peak-as-a-velocity-multiplier look too though, A while ago I recreated a touchdesigner effect I saw somewhere once that controls video speed with audio and i thought it looked cool even though it’s kind of cheating because the source video is doing most of the heavy lifting.

I guess my general advice would be to write a system that allows you to easily add audio values to any value in your app so that you can play around at runtime and see what happens.